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Why We Like Cristiano Ronaldo ???

why we like him?


Against all odds (and the remoteness of his upbringing on the tiny island of Madeira), Cristiano Ronaldo has become one of the most exciting and popular soccer players in the world in a remarkably short period of time. He amazes spectators with his fancy footwork (”tricks,” as the British press like to say) and hasn’t even come close to fulfilling his potential.

why is he famous?

cristiano ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s most exciting soccer players. He became the only player in Sporting’s history to play for the Under-18, Under-21, B team, and first team in one season. He’s known for his fantastic technical skills that leave defenders scratching their heads. Ronaldo led Sporting to the top of its league, and he went on to wear Manchester United’s famous red shirt. At the age of 22, he already won an FA Cup with Manchester United and played for Portugal at the Euro 2004 championships and 2006 World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo has accomplished a lot. By the time he was 12 years old, Ronaldoalready established himself as his hometown’s best soccer player. After starting out on his local team, Nacional, he decided it was time to accept a request to play for one of the big Portuguese clubs. Although he was courted by many teams, Ronaldo opted to join the club that he followed as a youngster: Sporting Lisbon.While at Sporting, it didn’t take long for Ronaldo to win over the fans. He scored twice in his debut game against Moreirense, and then added another against rival, Boavista. He led Sporting to the top of its league, and with his play at the U17 European Championship, he caught the eye of some of the big European clubs. He decided to join Manchester United and has become the most expensive teenage transfer in Britain’s football history.

And despite rumors that he would leave Manchester over a rout with Wayne Rooney at the 2006 World Cup, it was made clear that this superstar would not leave United until the end of his contract.Even though he has established himself as one of Europe’s top soccer players, Ronaldo still remains a well-grounded individual. He continues to credit his family for his success and refers to them as the most important people in his life. With the combination of a positive attitude, supreme confidence in his skills, and talent on par with the elite players of the world, Ronaldo is well on his way to becoming a soccer legend. Nobody can question Ronaldo’s character. He grew up poor (he was born in a tin shack), yet his confidence in his abilities never wavered.

Another sign of his mental fortitude is his ability to brush off the amount of physical abuse — the leg hacking in particular — he has endured in the Premier League. Unlike other players, every time Ronaldo gets knocked down, he not only gets up, he asks for the ball again, often subjecting himself to another knock.As for his talent, it has been said more than once that Ronaldo could’ve easily had a second career as a Riverdance performer, thanks to his ability to move his legs with incredible speed and flair. What makes Ronaldo so exciting to watch is his collection of skills; while some players are good crossers, good shooters or good passers (rarely all three), Ronaldo can do it all.

Ronaldo can outdribble any defender, he can cross as well as David Beckham, and he can shoot with range and strength.No player has generated this kind of excitement in Europe since the other Ronaldo (the Brazilian one) took the Old Continent by storm with his stints in Ajax and Barcelona.Cristiano Ronaldo’s talent won over the fickle Manchester United fans after his first game against Bolton, in which he inspired his team to victory after coming off the bench in the second half. His soccer skills have also earned him the scorn of rival teams’ fans: In his first season, he was often booed by opposing fans every time he touched the ball.

cristiano ronaldo

Woman Magnetism

cristiano ronaldo

If young female Manchester United fans wanted a new heartthrob, they didn’t need to wait long for David Beckham’s successor. Between his chiseled physique and baby-face good looks, Ronaldo is a natural movie star. The fact that he speaks broken English and sways his hips on the pitch like a Flamenco dancer only adds to his foreign appeal among British women.It took all of two weeks after Ronaldo’s arrival in Great Britain for female admirers to create online fan sites, worshipping his every move.

He has already received well over 1,000 marriage proposals from young girls, who now see Beckham as too old and too out of reach.Among the young women he has already dated are Jordana Jardel, the model sister of Brazilian soccer star Mario Jardel, and model Lauren Frain, teammate Alan Smith’s ex.

accomplishments & fame

For any soccer player to play for one of the world’s biggest clubs, star for his national team and be a worldwide marketing icon is already a Herculean accomplishment. To do so before even turning 20 — that is the stuff of legends.

Cristiano Ronaldo was just 18 when he caught the eye of Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson during an exhibition game between Sporting and Manchester United. So impressed were the Man United players with the young prodigy, that they begged Sir Alex Ferguson to sign him right away.Within his first year, Ronaldo was elected Player of the Year by Manchester United supporters due to all the Man of the Match awards he accumulated during the season.

As for fame, let’s just say that when you replace David Beckham, you are not just replacing an average Joe — you are replacing the world’s most famous player.

coolness factor

Let’s see: He’s young, rich, has thousands of women at his beck and call, and plies his trade in front of 65,000 screaming, adoring fans at Old Trafford stadium. Young kids wear his shirt and dream of becoming him, mothers would offer their daughters to him, and fathers want to adopt him. Cool? Do we even have to ask?

personal style

Cristiano Ronaldo is often seen sporting his soccer gear, but since he does spend most of his time on the soccer field, this should come as no surprise. Unlike other contemporary soccer stars, Ronaldo is not flashy. At least, not yet.It took Beckham several years in the spotlight to realize that baseball caps and T-shirts weren’t cutting it for his image, and it surely won’t take long for Cristiano Ronaldo to do the same. Besides, he’s already experimenting with his look by changing his hairstyle on a monthly basis. He also opened his own fashion clothing store in his hometown of Funchal called “CR7.”It won’t be long before the Italian fashion houses start knocking.



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    • Lol, I was looking at “Why WE like Cristiano and I was like,’I hate him…Like, dude…Seriously. I hate his guts and I can’t believe he plays for Portugal (Mom’s country). He has a girlfriend so if you want to date him, I am warning you. 😛 He is useless and he isn’t even hot, Girls! Anyways, I am doing an assignment and I need some ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!! Please help…Actually, my assignment is due tomorrow. Lol xD.

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