Posted by: Zel Ram | June 1, 2008

Manchester United Vs Real Madrid(Ronaldo Transfer)

CARLOS QUEIROZ has launched another scathing attack on Real Madrid for their ruthless pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ex-Real boss Queiroz slammed the Spanish club as “unethical”.

And his comments came as Manchester United sent a letter to the Spanish giants stating that they would not sell Ronaldo — even if he wanted a move.

United No 2 Queiroz also caused uproar in the Spanish capital after hinting that Madrid president Ramon Calderon is a liar.

Calderon and Real manager Bernd Schuster have both stated how much they want the Portuguese superstar.

But United threatened to report them to FIFA for trying to unsettle their man.

Queiroz also accused Real of trying to upset Portugal’s Euro 2008 preparations.

In his latest incredible interview, Queiroz said: “Ronaldo is not going to leave.

“It’s not difficult to keep Ronaldo. Manchester United can offer the best conditions.

“Where we can’t compete is in lack of ethics — because we have ethics and we don’t abandon them.

“The president of Madrid was a director when I was manager. I know what he was telling me and then saw what actually happened.

“I have the advantage of knowing them. I know the difference between the clubs.”

Queiroz left United to manage Madrid in 2003 but returned as No 2 a year later after getting the boot at the Bernabeu.

After stating that they will not sell Ronaldo, United’s angry letter demanded Real make a public declaration that they would end their pursuit of the winger.

Queiroz insisted Ronaldo would be making a huge mistake if he ever joined Madrid.

Alex Ferguson’s assistant pointed to previous stars who were shunted out of the back door at the Bernabeu when they had past their best.

He said: “Look at Luis Figo, Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane. Real don’t know what gratitude is.

“If I were the player’s agent, I’d have no doubt about which environment is best. And knowing Ronaldo’s agent, I know he shares my opinion. I’ve not spoken to the player about this issue.”

United legend Bryan Robson also thinks quitting Old Trafford would be a huge mistake for Ronaldo.

‘Captain Marvel’ was in a similar position in 1983 when he was being tracked by AC Milan and Juventus.

He said: “The grass is always greener but I don’t see how Ronaldo gets anything out of leaving for Real. He only signed a five-year deal last year and he’s got 75,000 fans who adore him.”

Queiroz insisted Ronaldo is already a better player than Portugal legend Eusebio.

He added: “He is the best Portuguese player ever. There is no point arguing with fact.

“In five years he has won titles, the Champions League and was Europe’s top scorer.

“It’s now inevitable he will be voted World Player of the Year. Missing a penalty in the European final was the last proof that he needed to enter the chosen few. Only the Maradonas and Platinis miss penalties in big finals!”

Queiroz also revealed that he turned down the chance to be Tottenham boss before returning to Old Trafford.

He added: “I turned down a salary four times bigger than what United offered me because I felt I owed them.”

United keeper Tomasz Kuszczak has been offered a two-year contract extension.

He still has two years left on his deal but United boss Alex Ferguson is keen to keep him long term.



  1. Ronaldo should Go to Real Madrid. That’ll be good for his experience in football.

  2. ronaldo should go where ever he want because he is a good player..although i am the Manchester United fans..
    we should give him the best chance to be among the best.
    not because him we won the uefa or what ever cup..
    all the matter is team work..

    just watch turkey match in this euro..
    all matter is teamwork and chemistry..
    if ronaldo stay in Manchester United thats is a good sign for Manchester United fans this season..

    good luck Manchester United..

  3. christiano ronaldo shoud not leave MANU for Real madrid. He h as led MANU to eauropian champs and english premier ship title 2007/2008. ihave hope that if he remains at old trafod , he will lead the club to the same title this season to come in august. Ho wever i suggest that should improve his very condusive.

  4. omgg i really dont want him to leave because when i just started liking football i loved him and manutd. and if he wants to leave then no one should stop him but i dont know which is a better team? but i really wany him to stay

  5. No matter what let Ronaldo be at Manchester united
    because Ronaldo play to the best of his ability.

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  7. ddddddddddddddd

  8. Real Madrid is the best football club in the world. It is the dream of many great players to wear the colours of Real. I think Ronaldo deserves the right to aspire to play for the best. Man. U should be greatful enough to set him free and let him go to wear his heart has chosen, which for now is Real Madrid

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